Our Staff & Volunteers

Rebuilding Families is proud to offer donors a wide range of organizations working to constructively address gender based discrimination, domestic violence, reproductive choices, family-work conflicts, caregiver support, and childhood education, hunger and health. There are many benefits to giving to Rebuilding Families: 0ur charities cover a variety of social issues. Because our charities are focused on families first, it’s easy for you to find the group or groups you wish to support. More of your dollars go to benefit the charities for which they are designated, and less to administrative and overhead costs. For workplace givers, it’s an easy way for employees to give to the causes they wish to support. Various workplace giving programs offer payroll deduction plans, a painless way to give to the charity of your choice. And, for employers who don’t have a structure to give back, we will consult with your staff and help you get one started.

Our History

Rebuilding Families was started to empower victims of family violence, poverty and natural disasters by providing safe housing, counseling, resources from other organizations we have partnered with to help foster skills that create independence. Starting out in a small two story house our building blocks was based on giving total care and resources to two families. Everything from social assistance, wellness care programs and job training.  In turn these families continue to give back as well as, everyone else we helped going forward. We’ve grown from working in one community to communities all across the country. While building families and community engagement we also advocate for social change and cutting through the governmental red tape to provide resources where its most needed..


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