Making Instant Messaging Secure for Business

Efficient and quick communication is paramount to business operations. Whether speaking to clients or relaying information to your employees, you need a platform you can always depend on.

Instant messaging has increased in popularity. Faster than emails and more convenient than phone calls, messages are more practical and offer more functions than any other communication means. Still, you must learn to secure instant messaging apps for business for protection and compliance.

Why you should Secure Company Instant Messaging

Businesses are expected to enact security measures to protect their data and clients. As technology evolves, so do cybercrimes. You can never be sure when an intruder will target your company.

Hackers often hijack instant messages through phishing schemes and interception through networks. If your company regularly sends confidential information through IM, you should enhance SMS monitoring.

Ways to Secure Instant Messaging

Use Secure Messaging Apps

There are hundreds of instant messaging platforms, but many have weak security and are prone to cyber attacks. Fortunately, you can choose from a handful of the most secure applications offering more than just convenience:

  • Signal Messenger – hailed as the most secure application; offers disappearing messages
  • WhatsApp – developed by Meta and is preferred by firms due to its robust end-to-end encryption
  • Telegram – Offers secret chats and access to chat histories
  • Viber – Popular business communications platform with self-destructing messages
  • Microsoft Teams Chats – A secure option integrated into existing business software.

Partner with a Reliable Network Provider

As mentioned earlier, some hackers choose to intercept messages as they traverse networks. Choose a network provider offering enhanced security and data protection to prevent becoming a victim of this cybercrime.

Before partnering with any network provider, determine the security they offer clients, such as firewalls, managed services, and VPNs.

Use Archiving Software

We can’t stress enough how critical it is to keep an extensive record of all business communications. Besides ensuring data safety and deterring unethical acts within the workplace, archives are vital to business compliance with regulatory bodies.

FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, and GDPR strictly enforce regulations onto businesses, especially for healthcare, banking and finance firms, legal, law enforcement, and government industries.

Regardless, all businesses must record messages sent to and from the company. Reasons include compliance, audits, investigations, and e-discoveries.

LeapXpert: The Archiving Solution you can Trust

As business owners, we all want to protect our company and customers. As cybercriminals become relentless in their activities, you and your team must act fast in implementing protective measures to secure valuable information.

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