Step By Step: Learn How To Make Money On Facebook

Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has already mobilized more than 1.9 billion people worldwide. Precisely, it can be considered the essential relationship channel today. But Zuckerberg didn’t stop there.

Following the social and behavioral transformations of the public, the platform also started to provide different mechanisms to manage and communicate with brands. Thus, in addition to being a mechanism for social interaction, the network has become a commercial platform with significant impact.

In this context, to better adapt to changes in consumption, your company needs to understand how to make money on Facebook. Did you know that today, in addition to interacting with friends and customers, it is possible to create virtual stores fully integrated into the social network? Remembering that people are increasingly looking for practicality at the time of purchase, there is a revolutionary way to combine interaction, communication, and consumption in one place!

Think About Store Communication

Undertaking in virtual commerce seems to be a very safe and simple territory to manage. But make no mistake, as this interaction format requires companies to be very attentive to the form of dialogue with the consumer. As Facebook allows direct contact between brand and customer, some points must be considered. Look!


Create a standard for your brand to communicate with the consumer, understanding that this model must encompass visual and textual aspects. It is necessary to imprint linearity on the company’s discourse.


With the change in consumption habits, customers have acquired the habit of looking for references for any brand on tools such as Facebook, Google, or Instagram. Therefore, it is essential to keep social networks up to date with news about the company, its market, and even trends in the segment.


Consolidated as a commercial platform, Facebook has been improving the dialogue model between brand and consumer. Take advantage of the tools it offers! Explore the power of stories, short videos available for 24 hours, and the option to customize the fan page and other resources to improve interaction with the audience.

Advertise To Increase Visibility

Facebook ad tools are great allies for companies that want to increase the reach of their products. The site has different formats that allow you to boost posts even with small budgets, from 1 real per day! To start advertising via Facebook, you must create an account for the company in the ad manager, including the payment method and budget available for investment. After this first step, it will be possible to create campaigns promoting the store, its products, its promotions, and even its website.

And attention: one of the significant advantages of Facebook Ads is the possibility to monitor the performance of campaigns. By gathering statistics on the behavior of your target audience, it becomes easier to develop truly targeted, practically accurate projects. In addition, it is possible to replicate your ads on Instagram, thus increasing your network of relationships. Learn more on