5 Reasons Why You Need A Reckless Driving Lawyer In Northern Virginia

If you are facing a case or charged with reckless driving, then it would be best that you don’t go into a courtroom alone. Everyone should get a northern Virginia reckless driving attorney if they are faced with such a situation. This is especially important to follow if you have little to no law experience, and no, watching all those law shows on the television definitely don’t count. Here are 5 reasons why you need a reckless driving lawyer.

Jail Time

If you have been charged with reckless driving, then you could find yourself facing up to a whole year in jail! If the case doesn’t go smoothly because you don’t have a reckless driving lawyer, you would wind up in jail and miss out on a whole year of your life. You can easily avoid jail time by having a northern Virginia reckless driving attorney by your side in court.

Huge Fines

Since reckless driving means you could have put yourself, or worse someone else in danger, you can face huge fines. This includes charges where no property and no people got harmed. The charges can be as high as $2,500 easily, just to warn others to avoid driving recklessly. A lawyer can help easily greatly lower those fines so you don’t have to be in debt or wipe out your savings account.

Suspended License

Because reckless driving can be a big issue, you can actually have your license suspended up to half a year. That can be a big struggle for you, especially if you need your car daily to get you to work everyday. A reckless driving lawyer can help greatly lessen the time of that or not have your license suspended at all.

It’s More than a Traffic Ticket

Did you know that reckless driving is actually classified as a Class 1 misdemeanor? This means you’ll be facing a lot more than just a traffic ticket and fine, as we mentioned earlier. This would virtually mean you have done a crime because a class 1 misdemeanor is the highest form of misdemeanor one can make in the state of Virginia. You have to take your case very seriously and to make sure you don’t lose time and money, you need to have a professional lawyer with you in court.

A Lawyer Can Save You Money

As we mentioned, the fines for reckless driving can be very large. We mentioned that you can easily be charged with $2,500 in fines, but that’s not the total amount you would end up paying for what happened. If you count in a total of the fines, DMV charges, court fines, insurance, etc., you can easily spend way more than $4,000 at the blink of an eye. A lawyer can help reduce the potential fines and help you save time in making the court process speedy, that way you can avoid paying for more court fees.

It is always important to have a specialized lawyer with you, especially in serious cases like reckless driving. Put your trust in professionals to help you get out of tough situations.

If you need a top caliber northern Virginia reckless driving attorney, contact us today at Bolger Law Firm. We will make sure all your rights are protected and that all worries are off your shoulders.