Some of the historical Facts about Rummy game every player must know

Over the years, we have developed many forms of recreation and entertainment to pass our valuable leisure time. Card games have been one of the notable and promising instruments for spending your free time with family and friends. One of the most loved card games all over the world, the Rummy game, has achieved promising levels of recognition across various milestones in its history. The historical legacy associated with the game has many hidden facts that would completely change how you look at it. If you are starting to learn about the game, then a brief insight into some historical events about it can help you explore it beyond the cards.

How it All Started

A simple online search regarding the origins of the Rummy game would give you multiple results. The reason for which you won’t find a single, specific answer pointing out the origins of the card game is confusion. No particular source can state the exact moment or place where the game found its roots. You can find many conflicting accounts regarding the origin of the card game.

For example, David Parlett has stated in his book, The Penguin Book of Card Games that the origins of rummy come from Conquian. Conquian is a traditional card game in Spain and Mexico with a 400-year old historical legacy. According to David Parlett, Conquian made its way to America from Mexico and then travelled to other continents.

Tales behind the Name

Another notable historical fact about rummy game refers directly to its connection with poker. One of the accounts regarding the origins of the game states that French settlers in the West derived it from poker. The validity of this theory relies primarily on the fact that both games have the concept of grouping cards into sequences.

John Scarne, a renowned expert on card games, stated the possibility of rummy originating from ‘Whisky Poker.’ Some state that Whisky Poker gradually transformed into ‘Rum Poker,’ and the name was subsequently modified into ‘Rum,’ and then the quintessential name came into existence.

The Asian Connection

The Asian connection with the Rummy game is also one of the themes for many historical facts regarding the game. Do you know that Mahjong could also be one of the possible ancestors of the card game in question here? The draw and discard pattern of Mahjong along with the objective of forming sets and sequences provides a valid proof.

Arrival in India

The history of the card game in India is also one of the notable accounts regarding its origins. The Mughals were the first to bring ‘Ganjifa,’ one of the renowned Persian card games in India. Ganjifa had considerable similarities with rummy in terms of the number of cards used and the rules of gameplay.

The royals played it as a court game with ornately decorated cards, made of ivory. The game achieved mainstream popularity due to the manufacture of wooden cards that were affordable for the general public.


So, you can clearly notice how rummy has its roots in almost every major continent in the world. The above-mentioned historical facts about the game emphasize its rich diversity. Therefore, it might be just the right time to download a mobile app and become a part of an ancient historical legacy now!