Tips On Getting the Best Lap Dance

If you’ve been to a strip club, you probably know that the highlight of such an experience is always the lap dance. However, not all lap dances are great or memorable. Most of the time, the problem is with the customer. Considering how much these costs it would helpful for any customer to know the secret of always getting the best lap dance from a stripper. Here are some practical tips to help you get the best lap dance when you visit a strip club:

How to sit when receiving a lap dance

You want to be as comfortable as possible when receiving a lap dance. However, the stripper also wants to be comfortable. The experience will be good for you if both of you are comfortable so, she might probably direct you on how to sit. Listen and ease in to your chair. When both of you are comfortable then the dance will be enjoyable.

What to do with your hands

Many strip clubs have a no-touching rule but some allow it. Now, if you are in a place where some touching is allowed, ask first where the no-go areas are. Don’t be too enthusiastic and start groping. Go slow, move your hands over her body as slowly as you can. The rhythm in her movements will guide you. Listen to her. If she doesn’t want you touching certain parts of her body, then don’t. Moving your hands slowly can be helpful in achieving a number of things. For instance, your hand movements can say a lot about your confidence and level of control. When you are slow it increases your level of responsiveness and it gives her an opportunity to at least enjoy what she is doing. Lap dances aren’t only for men, women but women get aroused too. So, don’t be surprised if a woman asks for you to do the unexpected. The cardinal rule about touching is to listen to what she says and if you can, read what she says with her body. The best lap dances happen when both customer and performer enjoy themselves.

What to wear

Some people take some time to think about the things they should wear for a lap dance. It sounds ridiculous but there are people who will research what types of pants they should wear for a lap dance in order for the stripper to have maximum contact with their genitals. A lap dance is not supposed to play out like some act of foreplay. Yes, you will get aroused, whether you are wearing jeans, shorts or tracksuit pants it does not matter. The important thing is to try and curb your enthusiasm or the dancer might not appreciate the close contact and end the performance before the allocated time. Most strip clubs have a dress code that does not allow casual dress like tracksuit pants and shorts. Put on jeans or proper trousers and act like a man who can handle himself.

Choose the right stripper

When you choose a lap dance, choose a dancer who has the looks, the personality and the moves. You can start off by watching the performances on stage and if there is someone who piques your interest, then that is your dancer. If you can watch her give another customer a lap dance. Different ladies have different routines, find one that one that will give you the experience you are looking for.

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