Understand the importance of Wild card Joker before you play Rummy online free

Rummy can be quite a tough card game to become an expert at. But it’s not at all impossible or undoable in nature. Many beginners have tried their hands at rummy online free and have now become experts at the game. Not only have they mastered it but they also earn money, bonus points, and other rewards by playing rummy online and winning. To master the game, one must never ignore the basic rules of the game. Therefore, a beginner must always play rummy online free to understand the basics and specialties of the game, especially the use of the wild card joker in rummy.

The importance and significance of wild card joker that must be known by the players

  • Introduction to the wild card joker:

Rummy can be played by 2-6 players with 2 decks of cards. Each player gets 13 cards each and the rest of the cards are kept unturned as a pile. At the beginning of the game. A joker card is picked at random. If that card turns out to be the actual printed Joker card, then the players are allowed to use the Ace cards of all suits as the joker card while forming sets or sequences. But if that card is not the printed Joker card but a random card picked from the deck, then that card becomes the joker card for that rummy game. This is the wild card joker.

  • The joker card as a substitute:

While arranging the cards and discarding them, wait for the joker to be declared at the beginning of the game, in case you have them in your bunch. It is not always possible to get such great cards that you can form proper and pure sequences of four 9s, three 2s or a consecutive set of, say, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Here, the wildcard joker becomes very important in order to win the game of rummy online free. Once you get to know which number of which suit gets to be the joker you can arrange your cards accordingly. If it’s a wild card joker, say the 5 of diamonds, you can use it to complete an impure sequence of say three 8s or four 7s.

  • The joker cards or wild card jokers have zero or no points:

The goal of playing rummy in india is to get the least points possible in order to win. The major advantage of having joker cards in your bunch of 13 cards is that the joker cards or wild card jokers have no point value. Therefore, if you can incorporate the joker cards in your sets or sequences of rummy cards, you’ll be able to gain the least points and even win the rummy games online and win money.


Playing rummy online requires immense practice. It’s only then that you can win the rummy cash games by using the joker cards wisely and earn rewards.

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