What are the in-game features in warzone everyone should know?

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Overview of warzone

Warzone is a free-to-play version of a small part in Call of duty: Modern warfare game. You need not buy anything to play this game, and you can do it on your PS4, Windows computer, and Xbox One. If you are having PS4 and your friend an Xbox, you both can also play together. It will be a game with two modes of play, such as battle royale and plunder. In a battle royale game, you would be competing either as an individual or as a squad to be the last one standing in a shrinking map, whereas, you will be collecting in-game cash as much as you can in the plunder mode of the game. Plunder would not have any limitations on your respawns or the map size, and you can play until the time ends. You can find several warzone cheats from an online provider that may make the gameplay quite easier than usual. Apart from these basic gameplay modes, there is a lot of things to know about the game’s setup and features that you can use. In this article, let us discuss some of these in brief. 

Features of warzone to know

Health plate

There will be two health plates with you at the beginning of your game. These health plates will protect you from hazards like bullets and other attacks for some time. The game is designed to kill the player after his health meter falls from 100 to 0. With these two health plates, your health meter will increase by 100. Each plate will have a health score of 50, and you can have an additional plate during the gameplay. Apart from using the plates, you can have up to five health plates in reserve. Also, you would see someone having eight health shields. These are the rewards got from the Armor Satchel. 

Weapon tiers

Weapon tiers in a warzone will vary upon the rarity of the equipment, and the attachments will increase simultaneously with the rarity. Some of the weapon tires are player loadouts, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. 

Buy stations

Buy stations act like real-world physical stores we use to buy products for cash. The same process goes in these buy stations where you can exchange cash for weapons, equipment, killstreaks, a dead player, and much more. Some of the equipment and killstreaks you can buy from buy stations are Armor plates, gas mask, self-revive kits, loadout drop maker, cluster strike, precision airstrike, UAV. 


Playzone is the area of gameplay. You are allowed to choose the map from various maps available. In a battle royale game, your area of play will be reducing. You can realize the size reduction with a green gas layer that is constantly shrinking. A player can survive only within the gas field, and as the game proceeds, the remaining alive players will be brought together to fight each other. If you are out of the gas field for some time, you will die.