What Causes Your Car’s Sunroof To Leak And How To Fix It

From giving additional sunlight to your car’s interior to serving as a cool way to get some fresh air, there are a number of perks that come with having a sunroof in your car. However, this also means that you have another car part that needs to be maintained. When not taken care of, it could cause you to incur costly repairs (you might even have to look for Mercedes parts online).

One of the issues that car owners with sunroof have to deal with is water leaks. Below are some symptoms behind this issue:

You notice a musty smell inside your car

You see mold spores and mildew

You have an excessive window condensation inside your car

You have a damp car floor

If you have too much moisture inside your car, it won’t only cause your car to have unpleasant, wet spots. It can lead to more serious damages like frying your car’s electronics, rusting, and posing a health concern to you and your passengers.

Causes of Sunroof Leaks

Automotive companies or even those that sell Mercedes parts online often encounter car owners who have problems with their sunroof. Leakage in this part of your car can be caused by different things.

The most common culprit is a clog in your car’s drainage system. If the very system that carries water away properly from your car is damaged, it can cause your sunroof — and possibly the windshield — to leak.

Other causes include a faulty seal, a broken motor, damaged lining, and the presence of cracks.

Fixing A Leaking Sunroof

If you are to fix a sunroof with a faulty seal, it would be better to hand the job to a professional. Whether your seal if dry and cracking, warped, missing or has a rip or tear — the expert will most probably just replace it with a new one (which can be from sellers who sell Mercedes parts online). If it’s still leaking, then you’d have to have other parts of your sunroof checked.

If it’s the clogged sunroof drain line that causes the leak, here’s how a professional will do the job:

Protect your car interior (especially the parts underneath the sunroof) with towels

Open the sunroof and locate the drain holes (which is typically located in the four corners of the channel)

Test how quick or how slow water drains through the holes, and check if the water comes out underneath the car

If the drain holes are clogged, start fixing the issue by cleaning the sunroof first

Use a small pipe cleaner or a toothbrush to clear the entrance of the drain hole

Repeat testing the drain holes by pouring water again

If the water is still not draining properly, use a weedeater string or a piece of stiff line to gently blow the drain line clean

Repeat the water-testing method and cleaning process until the water drains successfully

Bear in mind, that it’s best to have a professional check and repair your sunroof. This cost-effective method will ensure that the root cause of the issue is detected and addressed accordingly.

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