After all, how important is it to choose a suitable carrier?

Logistics needs to be something strategic and not merely a sector that distributes products within a stipulated time frame. After all, with increasingly demanding customers and a highly competitive market, the services provided will serve as a differential for your business, and not just the quality of the product you offer. Undoubtedly, regardless of the complexity of the operation, every company depends on a common factor to succeed in deliveries – a good partner carrier. However with Shiply you can find the perfect carrier partner for your business. Now, it’s time to know some fundamental factors when hiring.

Review the company’s history

The first step in finding out how to hire a suitable carrier is to take a deeper look at their track record. To do this, start on the company’s website, looking for information about the history and formation of the carrier, the length of experience, which customers have already served or serve, what is the specialization of services, etc. Then, evaluate some internal policies, such as responsibility towards the environment, the community and employees and employees themselves. Finally, look for references from customers, suppliers and other professionals in the market who already have some business relationship with the company.

Know the technologies offered by the carrier

In times of 4.0 logistics, relying on cutting -edge and really efficient technologies, without a doubt, is a differentiating factor when hiring a new carrier. Today, outsourcing cargo tracking type services is much more strategic than the company making the investment on its own. In other words, it is essential that the carrier already has this type of technology and offers the main features to the contracting party. It allows it to monitor its deliveries, increase the security of its operations and guarantee a differentiated experience for its end consumers.

Check fleet composition

Another tip on how to hire a suitable carrier is through a complete assessment of the fleet. Before closing any agreement, check if it is possible to visit the provider’s premises and carry out a more complete analysis of its fleet, its workshop, employees, procedures, etc. We’ve highlighted some valid points that should be checked –

  • Available capacity of vehicles,
  • Which models the company has,
  • How the maintenance of cars is carried out,
  • What equipment is used by employees?
  • What type of technology is applied to deliveries?
  • What is the training of employees?

Besides, it is important to check if the carrier has the capacity to dedicate exclusive fleets to its operation, that is, without having to share vehicles with other customers. It aims to improve your deliveries and also value the relationship and commitment on the part of the provider to your company.

Find out what coverage the carrier offers

Having the support of a carrier service that serves the entire national distribution system is without a doubt a great choice that makes all the difference. It can guarantee better results for your deliveries. To do this, check out the company’s structure, such as the location of its warehouses, DCs and partners throughout the country, and ensure broader and more efficient coverage for its operations.