Android Icon Is Not The Same As Android Icon.

When you pick up your phone and unlock it, you’ll see many different icons on your home screen. Each Android icon provides specific information. The abundance of icons can be overwhelming at first glance. In principle by movical, the icons on your Android device can be divided into two categories: On the one hand, there are the classic app icons, such as a gear wheel behind which the settings are hidden or the silhouette of a person who leads you to the contacts on your phone.

On the other hand, there are operating system-specific symbols that inform you about the status of your device. This includes, for example, a small loudspeaker, a rainbow, or a curved N. While some of them (e.g., loudspeakers) can be deciphered relatively clearly, with others, it is less clear what they stand for. For this reason, we present the symbols below that inform you about the condition of your phone and tell you what each Android icon exactly means.

Angular B

The tiny Android icon with the angular or angular B indicates that your Bluetooth is activated. If you have switched on the function, you can connect your mobile phone to your wireless headphones, to a jukebox, or another Bluetooth-enabled device. If you don’t need your Bluetooth at the moment, it is better to switch it off – this saves battery.

Speaker + X

If the Android icon is shown with the small loudspeaker and an X, this does not mean that the loudspeaker of your mobile phone is defective. The Android icon only indicates that your smartphone is on mute. During this time, your device does not emit any ringtone or notification sounds.


If you see the tiny pin symbol, your smartphone uses GPS, i.e., your position determination is activated. In this way, you can give other apps, such as Google Maps or WhatsApp, or Facebook, information about where you are at the moment. If you do not need the feature at the moment, deactivate it.