How to be a better parent and friend to your children

Parenting is said to be the most challenging and easiest job at the same time. It comes with many hurdles, especially for first-time parents, and no one is ever prepared enough. It’s a continuous learning curve as each child is unique and has different needs.

As wise as the parenting topic can get, there are some basic generic pointers that could equip you with basic guidelines to be a better parent. This article will teach you about positive parenting techniques that you could apply through your journey.

Meaning of positive parenting

Positive parenting means that you don’t treat your child like a puppet that you have to control all the time. It means you use to approach every child with their individual needs in mind.

Instead of yelling out of frustration when they do something wrong, take time to understand them and correct them in a soft yet assertive way, depending on your child’s nature because everyone is different.

Below are some positive parenting techniques:

Be empathetic with your child

Aim to understand the root cause of their behavior and tackle that instead of just focusing on their current actions. If they have a particular behavior that keeps recurring, there’s probably a deeper reason for it, and that’s what you need to dig into.

Spend quality time with them

Sometimes you could get too overwhelmed with trying to make ends meet; tight schedules, demanding careers, but make sure you do your best to be actively present in their lives. Take them out on weekends, play with them, for childhood memories stick with you through adulthood.

While correcting them, let them know that it’s their behavior you don’t like, not them

It is normal for children to make mistakes, that’s part of their (and your) learning curve. When teaching children about which behaviors are admissible and which ones aren’t, it’s critical for you to clarify that it’s bad behavior, not them.

Teach them respect, and practise it too

Children learn from observation. They pick up your habits so if you’re training them to be respectful, act with respect to them and other people. Teach them etiquette and ensure they practice it till it sticks.

Set clear boundaries

Sometimes, you need to be more of a parent than a friend. Show them where the line is and teach them not to cross it but in a loving manner. Teach them how to set theirs as well.

Praise them for positive deeds just as much as you correct their wrong ones.

Positive reinforcement is an important parenting technique to build your child’s confidence. Applaud them when they do something right. Reward their efforts when they achieve little things. It makes them feel appreciated.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself

You might get so caught up in balancing between your career and raising your kids that you forget you also need to take care of yourself. Take occasional breaks and indulge in your favorite self-care routine.

Be intentional about your parenting journey. Know how to be a parent and a friend to your child, and when to be each. Don’t forget to have fun while at it, because of a happy parent, healthy family.