Old classic telugu movies to watch

We all love comedy films, irrespective of actors and directors. Telugu comedy films are bliss to watch. One good thing about Telugu comedy films is that we can watch these movies with our family. The whole can come together and watch Telugu comedy films and can have a good laugh. The present Telugu comedy movies are okay in tickling our funnybones, but the old classic Telugu comedy films had a decent storyline and good humor. Its time to recall those cult Telugu comedy classics and watch in aha again now.

April OkatiVidudala: Vamsy – Rajendraprasad is a super hit combination as far as comedy films are concerned. The duo had made some exciting comedy films. Rajendraprasad, as Divakaram, a video cassette library owner, has entertained the audience to the core. All the characters are well written and performed. Kudos to Vamsy for this film.

Divakaram is a habitual liar who takes up a challenge to transform himself into an honest man for his lover Bhuvaneshwari. Will he keep his word and face the consequences? Watch this fun-filled entertainer.

Jamba LakidiPamba: EVV Satyanarayana is one director who is good at making good comedy films. Comedy is his forte, and he had excelled every time he made comedy films. This cult is a must-watch film if you love to see comedy films on any day.

Annoyed with male domination, Ramalakshmi seeks help from a god-man who gives her a lotion, Jamba LakidiPamba. As the policeman is investigating the case, he is shocked to see weird things happening.

Hello Brother: EVV Satyanarayana was in his peaks when he made this complete entertainer with AkkineniNagarjuna. Nagarjuna, Brahmanandam, Kota SrinivasaRao, and MallikarjunaRao have made us laugh like anything. This is a must recommended film to kick your boredom away.

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