You must ask for discreet delivery of your sex dolls. Why to let others know of your fantasy?

You are not buying a mini adult sex toy. We are here talking about 140 cm realistic sex dolls, weight more than 35 KG. So you must maintain the secrecy of the delivery of the package. There are several points not to neglect for the delivery to happen as a letter to the post office. Many people are surprised by a sloppy delivery or a concern with an open cardboard and some disappointments that you do not want.

Why not get delivered from China?

Simply because you will certainly have surprises as to the quality of the product, and above all, you will have big surprises in terms of customs fees. It is also possible according to the models that your love doll is stopped at the customs for object inciting pedophilia (for the dolls below 135 cm). So it is better to avoid importing sex objects of this type and avoid risking criminal problems. Instead, you can buy the affordable sex doll from domestic website. There you can save a lot of money.

A delivery man known to be of quality

Obviously, one of the keys to a discreet delivery is the choice of a quality delivery person. You can choose the delivery service which guarantees the quality. You will be then able to schedule the delivery in advance and organize your day accordingly. The easiest thing is to get home delivery. It is crucial for you to have a safe or, a place to store the love doll. Indeed, if you may have children a little too curious. It will quickly become a nightmare to hide that.

Choose a reasonable weight

One of the keys to a discreet delivery is of course the choice of a lightweight model. Indeed, if you want to buy a 39 kg love doll and, you live on the 5th floor without a lift, then good luck to you! You can plan a bed box delivered the same day as the doll. It is important to have a product not visible at the opening. This has been the case for months with foam pads in all directions of the carton, and especially a plea covering the body of the fully nude flat chested sex dolls. So opening the package if you are bothered at this time the visual appearance is not shocking.

Conclusion: Pleasure has no price

What price are you willing to put in something that will be able to satisfy your sexual urges during the rest of your days? What is the price of a real woman with the problems and need they all have? This price is not worth the cost of attempting the adventure of a charming goddess at home, in your bed? Imagine this woman at home without changing any of your habits, without having to deprive you of anything will full fill your fantasies. Imagine being able to share secret moments just between you and her for your intimate pleasure.

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