Budget Home Decorating Tips

When I was looking for a cheap divan bed, I found many ways how to dress up your home in a stylish and modern way, without breaking the bank.

You’ve finally bought your dream home, and you’ve moved in and gotten yourself settled. The only thing that bothers you is the flooring and you have to call the London Flooring experts. They come in, you choose an affordable option, they install and leave with the check – Now comes the fun part, decorating your new home. However,there is one problem. You are on a budget and do not have a lot of money to splash about on decorating. So what is a person to do when it is time shop for decorative items?

Get a game plan

Start by making a plan. Write down your decorating ideas room by room. Look through decorating magazines and clip out pictures of things that catch your eye and put them in folders for each room. Decide what type of wall decorations you want, drapes and curtains, lighting, etc.

Be creative

Once you have a general idea of how you want to decorate each room of the home, you can start looking for those canny sales items. You can find wonderful used items at flea markets and yard sales at huge savings. Estate sales often offer fantastic vintage items that make wonderful decorations. You can often find seasonal items at a huge discount immediately following the end of a holiday. This is a good time to stock up for the next year for decorative seasonal items.

If you sew, you can make your own curtains and drapes and save a lot of money, and have better quality material. If you enjoy making crafts, the ideas are endless on how to spruce up used items you find at yard sales or second hand.

Everything old is new again

An old wooden chest found at a thrift store can be repainted into a beautiful piece for the guest bedroom. Plates found at yard sales can make a beautiful collection for the buffet. You can save money on paint by buying paint that was not mixed with the specific colour someone wanted and therefore was marked down and shelved.

Old picture frames can be repainted and decorated into new designs, adding new life to treasured photos. Decorative foils wrapped around the frames add a nice touch.

Make space

If you have a large room that will serve dual purposes, a room divider offers an inexpensive and easy way to give the appearance of an enclosed section of the room. Placing a sofa or love seat in the middle of the room also gives the impression of dividing a larger room into a smaller area.

Smaller rooms can be made to appear larger by placing decorative etched mirrors on one of the walls. This gives the illusion of added space while adding the decorative touch to the wall.

Outdated but stylish calendars make wonderful framed posters for almost any wall in the home. Instead of tossing out last year’s old calendar, save it and clip out the photos you like. Measure the size of the photos and find frames, and arrange them in your rooms. These are great for smaller areas that need a little something to spruce up the walls.

Finishing touches

Adding artificial flowers and greenery over doorways and walk-through areas can add colour to a room and give it a fresh and inviting appearance. Be careful not to overdo it or what’s intended to be decorative could come across as looking tacky.

Wall tapestries offer an elegant decorative look. If you are in luck and happen upon these at an estate sale, they add a nice touch to your home. Small throw size quilts are often also used as wall hangings and add a nice homey feel.