Why choose Oak furniture

When selecting the right furniture for your home, you need to take a number of things into consideration. How much room you have available? The style of your desired finish and of course the material from which the furniture is crafted. One of the most elegant finishes is that of wood, and more specifically, hardwood. Hardwoods have become very popular in home furnishing designs.

By far one of the most popular hardwood choices for homes around the world is Oak. Oakwoods make for stunning elemental finishes to any home. Designers have been using Oak for decades and yet the popular wood has not lost its appeal. Oak remains one of the most popular hardwood choices. There are a number of reasons why Oak has not lost it popularity and below

we’ll take a more in-depth look at these.

Oak is attractive

Oakwoods feature striking grain markings as well as open pores. This makes each and every piece of Oak furniture unique. Adding to this is the fact that Oak is available in a number of rich honey tones which simply scream luxury and comfort.

Oak is tough

Oak is a tough and dense wood. This means that it is extraordinarily durable. Those who have chosen to incorporate Oak furnishings into their home will tell you that the pieces will last for years. Oak furniture can be kept in the family for many years being passed down from one generation to the next.

Oak is adaptable

A piece of Oak furniture can suit almost every interior home theme. Oak is versatile and can easily be paired with almost any other piece of furniture. Additionally, those crafting Oak furniture have ensured that the latest designs incorporate space-saving technology to ensure that you get the most out of your Oak pieces.

Oak is maintainable

Oak furniture is extremely easy to maintain. Oak will not easily be damaged by direct sunlight. Additionally, Oak furniture pieces are naturally resistant to staining and scratches. It is recommended that you regularly dust furniture pieces to ensure that damaging dust particles are kept to a minimum and that your oak furniture is kept looking its best. The addition of a little linseed oil onto your furniture will ensure that the pieces last a lifetime.

Oak is stylish

When you buy a piece of Oak furniture you can be guaranteed that it will never of out of style. If you feel that your furniture has become a little dated you will quickly find that it can be upcycled or reupholstered to keep up with the changing trends in home design.

Many people feel that the elegance of Oak comes from the simplicity of the hardwood and the design. Oak has the ability to remain up to date with the latest trends while at the same time, it is able to give your home a traditional feeling. Beautifully crafted Oak furniture will be unique in its patterning giving you the ability to own your own heirloom.

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