Portrait Photography Tips

When you take a photo on location, the background is important in your photo. You certainly do not always have to choose a nice view. A simple background that remains fairly neutral often works fine.

It is smart to search the background without your model first. So walk around the location beforehand.

You can determine whether a background will work when it is blurred in your photo by almost closing your eyes and peering through your eyelashes. You mainly see dark and light parts and blur. A bit similar to how your background will look blurry in the photo and might not be corrected with a free mac photo editor.

Alternatively, you can of course also focus your camera close by. You can now search through the viewfinder or on your screen for a background that looks so good. Found background?

Put your model in front and take pictures.

Use Your Environment

When you take a portrait photo at someone’s home, it is nice to give the interior a role in the photo. The interior of a home is the place where someone spends years and where many memories are made.

Just like people themselves, and interior changes over the years. If you look back at the photo taken after years, the memories of that time in that interior will automatically return.

You don’t have to use someone’s interior just as a background. Use a living environment as an opportunity to let your subject do something in the photo. They can play a game, read a book or, for example, bake cake.

This not only yields beautiful portraits, but it also ensures that your subject feels at ease and looks outstanding when touched with a free mac photo editor.

An additional advantage is that you also place the subject in a certain time. That photo was taken during that period when he or she lived there and had that specific interior. Certainly, when such a photo is viewed twenty years later, it is a source of memories.