Luxury Rugs at Home – Your Questions Answered

This article has a goal – to get your questions answered on topics related to luxury rugs, including Persian, Oriental and Indian rugs. One of the greatest joys you will get out of your luxury rugs at home is the versatility they have along with the wide range of materials, colours, and patterns that exist. Many countries have their own exotic traditions of rug-making which range from the humble hearth rug to stunning Oriental rugs in glowing colours and intricate patterns.

When looking at the various types of luxury rugs available one will quickly be able to see that the right choice might be a little more difficult you initially thought. Some of the most popular luxury rugs on the market include fleecy white goat rugs, pretty embroidered rugs, jolly rag rugs made from the strangest mix of materials, and boldly striped Indian dhurries. Additionally, you should take note that most of the most expensive rugs on the market are handmade, and for the most part.

The right colour and pattern

Before you set out to choose the right rug for your home, you first need to take into consideration how the rug will be used and how it will fit into your current home design. You will need to take a look at the basic floor coverings throughout your whole house. If you find that you already have fitted bedroom or lounge carpeting then you might have a little more room to be adventurous with your choice of rug. This little bit of freedom can ensure that you are able to choose a more patterned rug as opposed to some of the more plain styles.

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when choosing your rug is that you want to perfectly pair your rug with your current paintwork and even furnishings. If you select a rug which is a little too adventurous you might find that you will have to re-decorate your home around your rug. If you are going to choose a patterned rug, you will find that there are a number of different patterns to choose from, including floral and oriental designs.

The rug you want to choose will be largely dependent on the overall style you wish to achieve in your home. It is very possible to mix styles quite successfully using rugs. Another important aspect in choosing a rug for your home is that you need to keep in mind that you will not necessarily be restricted by the colour of your current carpet. For example, a grey carpet does not need to be paired with a grey patterned rug, to be a little more extravagant you could mix your carpet with a red or blue rug.

Another very important aspect you need to keep in mind when choosing your next rug is that texture in rugs is quite important and should be introduced with care. If a plain carpet has a deep, luxurious pile, the rug on top needs to be quite fluffy if you are to achieve the right effect. A flat weave Indian on a shag pile carpet would look rather strange, whereas a fluffy rug on a cord carpet is a good match and might add a much-needed touch of comfort and coziness to a room’s composition.